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  • Plant Powered Skincare

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Clear Away The Blemishes of Time.

Deep Rejuvenating Serum

Star4.8 out of 5

Helps repair stubborn blemishes and sun damage to hide telltale signs of aging and reveal smoother, brighter, firmer skin.

  • Clears and prevents aging flaws in the skin.
  • Helps banish dark spots and patchy skin.
  • Hydrates & exfoliates for softer, radiant skin
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Blemishes Be Gone.

A simple way to bring natural beauty and pure youth to life. Banish blemishes,
calm redness and kiss goodbye to patchy, discolored skin.

  • Regenerate


    The skin’s healthy,
    supple qualities.

  • Renew


    How the skin feels
    to the touch.

  • Revive


    Beautiful, bright,
    even skin tone.

  • Rekindle


    Your love affair
    with YOU.

About Our Perfect
Youth-Boosting Companion

Old Woman

Formulated to work alongside our best-selling Facial Regeneration Cream to quickly enhance its results, our powerful serum sinks deeply into the skin to help fade and clear away noticeable aging blemishes.

Leading skincare experts have described it as “the strongest first step in your skincare routine” because it can further reduce wrinkles and fine lines, lift and firm the skin - all while smoothing out any discolored, patchy problem areas.

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CellaBeauty Brings Out
The Best In YOU.

Others see the difference in the way we look, the way we walk and the way we talk.
We’re noticed more, respected more and treasured more by those around us.

Blemishes Flawlessly Fixes
Skin Blemishes

Aging marks can now disappear. Watch as our Eternal Extract serum delves deeper into the skin to clear away and prevent skin flaws.

Patchy Skin Correct Stubborn Stains & Patchy Skin

Smooth out and even your skin tone for a brighter, more alive complexion that feels every bit as youthful as it looks.

Patchy Skin1 Protects Against & Repairs Sun Damage

Signs of aging caused by the sun may be unavoidable but living with them every day is not thanks to our groundbreaking Deep Rejuvenating Serum.

Saw Younger Looking Skin When They Tried Eternal Extract.

Boost To Healthy Skin Activity Around The Epidermis.

Of Women We Spoke
With Loved Our Luxury Serum.

The Unmatched Power of CellaBeauty

The key ingredients inside our one-of-a-kind serum that leading experts say can
give you the long-lasting results you deserve.

  • Ageless Apple Eternal Extract

    Formulated from our magic-like “Ageless Apple”, the powerful dose of Eternal Extract in the Deep Rejuvenating Serum has been created to wipe away stubborn marks that add years to our appearance.

  • Retinol Retinol

    Possibly the perfect way to further reduce wrinkles and fine lines, Retinol dives deep below the epidermis to help neutralize harmful skin toxins and boost levels of collagen and elastin.

  • Avena Sativa Avena Sativa (OAT) Kernel Extract

    Regarded by many to be the next big thing in anti-aging cream, our premium oat extract helps strengthen the skin’s barrier, soothing and moisturising it so it can look healthier by the day.

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Sugar Free


Gluten Free




Made In USA

Made In

Clinically Proven


Made With Love

Made With

3rd Party Tested

3rd Party

Dual Extracted



CellaBeauty’s Deep Rejuvenating Serum is best applied as the first step in your skincare routine.
Best results come from consistent, twice-daily, morning and evening application alongside our Facial Regeneration Cream.

Woman One


Apply Deep
Rejuvenating Serum

Take an amount the size of a quarter and gently massage the serum in an upward motion until completely absorbed in the skin. Always be careful to avoid getting the serum in your eyes.

Woman Two


Experience New
Thickness & Firmness

Spread across any problem areas you see around the face and neck so it can fix obvious blemishes aging the skin.

Woman Three



Wait 3-5 minutes for the luxury serum to fully absorb into the skin and then simply sit back and let the formula enhance your results and boost your youth.

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See what our customers
are saying.

“You notice changes to your skin immediately but after a month of using
CellaBeauty, you REALLY notice the changes!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Really Need Deep Rejuvenating Serum?

Some women see results with our best-selling Facial Regeneration Cream and ask themselves “Do I Really Need The Serum?”.

It’s a fair question to ask.

Facial Regeneration Cream is especially formulated to target wrinkles, fine lines and loose, saggy skin. The serum exists to enhance those results and also, clear away other aging blemishes.

Repairing sun damage like dark spots and patchy skin, improving the smoothness and texture of the skin, deeper hydration, calming redness and sensitivity, increased protection from toxins as well as even more noticeable wrinkle reduction are just some of the additional benefits women can enjoy when they add Deep Rejuvenating Serum to their skincare routine.

When Will I See Results?

We want you to be impressed with CellaBeauty as quickly as possible so while our solutions are formulated to work fast, we want to remind you that these aren’t fads or miracle creams and results take time.

Most women see some results they’re thrilled with in the first 21 days and even better results when they commit to the doctor recommended 90-180 day cycles.

Are My Results Guaranteed?
The “Ageless Apple” - Can You Tell Me More?
How Long Does One Bottle Last?
How Many Bottles Can I Order?
Is My Order Secure?
Can I Use CellaBeauty With Make-Up or Other Beauty Products?
When Can I Expect My Order?
Does CellaBeauty Test on Animals?
Which Package Is Right For Me?