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Doctor Recommended Formula For An Easier Menopause

Inner Glow

4.9 out of 5

Formulated to help you shed unwanted weight, lose the “menobelly” and live free of ugly bloat, night sweats, hot flashes and fatigue, Inner Glow is an all natural, doctor recommended way to beat the worst of menopause.

  • Helps shift stubborn menopausal weight gain
  • Can ease hot flashes, night sweats and fatigue
  • Helps end nasty digestive issues like belly bloat

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Weight Off Your Mind…
And Your Body.

Inner Glow helps ease away any menopause misery while slimming
and trimming your body back down to size.

  • Renew

    Your confidence and beauty.

  • Recover

    Your mind, body and health.

  • Revive

    Your fun, vibrant energy.

  • Regain

    The figure of your dreams.

About Inner Glow…
The #1 Way To Fight Menopause.

Doctor formulated and recommended by women everywhere, Inner Glow has the power to transform you back to your beautiful, radiant best.

Just take two capsules before breakfast every morning, see the results in the mirror and feel the life-changing magic of heavenly relief.

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Inner Glow Helps Put An
End To Nasty Menopause Symptoms.

Women like you are saying Inner Glow has helped them kiss goodbye to the worst of menopause. Including…

An End To “MenoBelly”

… Unwanted weight gain, dreaded muffin tops and embarrassing bloat. Inner Glow can help you feel your best on your way to a slimmer, healthier body.

An End To
Hot Flashes

… And sudden, intense bouts of hot, heated discomfort around your face, neck and chest that interrupt your daily life and beauty sleep.

An End To

… The sore joints and those low-energy afternoons that make you want to laze around on the couch instead of living out your golden years to the fullest.

of Women Said Inner Glow Made Losing Menopause Weight Easier.

Said They Slept Much Better & Had More Energy After Trying Inner Glow

Swore They Loved The Changes To Their Body, Skin & Health After Just 12 Weeks.

The Hidden Magic of Inner Glow?

It lies in the special blend of menopause-fighting, fat-burning, relief-giving
strains of body-friendly bacteria inside every bottle.

  • Strain #1: L. Gasseri

    Studies show L.Gasseri can wipe out stubborn body fat and influence gut microbiota diversity for a faster, better metabolism.

  • Strain #2: B. Lactis

    The science points to B. Lactis being able to improve digestive health, break down fats and sugars and crowd out bad, belly bloating bacteria.

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How To Get Started
With Inner Glow…

CellaBeauty’s groundbreaking menopause mix is best taken between the hours of 7am and 11am
in the morning. Make it a daily habit for even better, more noticeable results.


Select Your Package

Most women start with a 3-month or 6-month supply so they get both the short-term and long-term benefits of Inner Glow.


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Unbox & Sip Down Inner Glow Daily.

Pour yourself a glass of water or a coffee and sip down two of our small, easy to swallow capsules every morning for easy relief and the support your body needs.

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See What Other Women
Are Saying…

You’ll notice it doesn’t take long for Inner Glow to help you
feel young, energetic and lighter again!

You May Also Love Tighter,
Younger-Looking Skin…

In fact, many Inner Glow customers choose to pair their new, healthier body with beautiful, glowing skin.

Eye Solution

4.8 out of 5

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Rejuvenating Serum

4.8 out of 5

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Still Have Questions?
We Have The Answers.

Will Inner Glow Work For Me?

Yes, it should. While everybody’s results, bodies and minds are different, the one consistent thing we see with Inner Glow is changes for the better.

We’ve had success with women aged 40 to 80 and see that Inner Glow works even better if you’re active, eating well and drinking plenty of water.

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