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The Secret To CellaBeauty Bliss

Doctor-recommended, science-backed solutions, expertly formulated to kickstart
your years-younger transformation & accelerate you into a slimmer, healthier body.

  • Made for Meno

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  • Clinically Proven


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  • Results Guaranteed


Women Are Raving About Relief…

Finally free of their unwanted weight, belly bloat, raging hot flashes, unflattering skin, low energy and aging aches thanks to our unique approach to menopause.

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Inner Glow

Inner Glow


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Facial Regeneration Cream

Facial Regeneration Cream


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Intensive Eye Solution

Intensive Eye Solution


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Deep Rejuvenating Serum

Deep Rejuvenating Serum


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Reduction In Wrinkles


Said They Could See & Feel The Difference Inner Glow Made

Noting a healthier weight, a flatter belly, less bloating, all-day energy and a reduction in hot flashes and night sweats as some of the biggest benefits.


Showed healthier, younger-looking skin thanks to Inner Glow and/or CellaBeauty’s exciting skincare line.


Of the women we circled back with for their honest opinion on the CellaBeauty range said they wouldn’t hesitate recommending us to friends, family & loved ones.

CellaBeauty Takes You By The Hand & Brings Out Your Best.

The version of you that walks confidently, lives at-ease and recognizes the beautiful woman in the mirror.

youth renews
  • Rediscover your “before menopause body”
  • Reclaim calm, cool, comfort and confidence
  • Restore beautifully smooth, wrinkle-free skin
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That’s Why The 5-Star Reviews
Just Keep Pouring In…


Already Lost 30 Lbs


Hannah. H

“I’m 4 months in and I’m seeing results with Inner Glow. From day one it helped with my sugar cravings so I’ve been able to lose 30 lbs so far. I’m also far less bloated, achy and annoyed.”


Amazing For Hot Flashes


Sarah. G

“I was having a lot of hot flashes, especially at social events. Really embarrassing as I’d be drenched but now I only have one a day, if that. I am sleeping like a baby and have a flatter tummy too. So happy for the help!”


The Best Product For Menopause


Maria. L

“I was having difficulty with bloating and weight gain. After two weeks of Inner Glow, my bloating was almost gone and I lost 5 stubborn pounds in that time too so I’ve just ordered another few bottles.”


Relief Faster Than Anticipated


Kerry. W

“A girlfriend told me to try Inner Glow as I was desperate for ANY kind of relief and within maybe 3 weeks, I noticed my hot flashes were almost 100% gone and I hadn’t suffered my usual afternoon bloat. No negative side effects either!”


15 Pounds Down. 15 To Go


Raquel. V

“Before menopause I was happy with my body but suddenly found myself 30 lbs heavier after lockdown and I wasn’t having much luck with dieting. Long story short, I’m down 15 lbs in just 8 weeks with Inner Glow and I’m finally on track to achieve my target weight in the next few weeks. It’s a relief not to feel fat anymore.”

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It’s All Because Dr. Dina Understands
Exactly What Makes Menopause A Breeze.

  • Plant-Based Your Body

    Needs an estrobolome reset to help to burn fat, flatten your tummy and banish ugly belly bloat.

  • Eternal Extract Your Skin

    Needs to be specially smoothed, firmed and hydrated to get rid of wrinkles, lines and sag.

  • Enhanced Results Your Mind

    Needs to be relaxed, relieved from the distress of hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and fatigue.

So How Would You Like To
Get Started Today?

Help Me…Slim Down &
Lose “MenoBelly”

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Get Rid of My…Wrinkles, Lines
& Loose, Saggy Skin

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Save Me From…Hot Flashes,
Night Sweats,
Bloating & Tiredness.

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CellaBeauty’s Been Lovingly Put
Together By An Award-Winning
Anti-Aging Doctor & Researcher.

Dr. Dina Anderson once fought her own losing battle with menopause. Stuck with mystery pounds around her waist, nasty afternoon bloating and somewhere between 50 and 75 hot flashes a day, she decided to find her own answer to…

Fast, blissful relief from draining menopause symptoms…

Easier weight loss and a faster, accelerated metabolism…

Smoothing, tightening and firming aging skin at home…

The result was CellaBeauty. A now, hotly in-demand line of anti-aging, weight-trimming, menopause-fighting solutions that any woman can use to find the heavenly relief and blissful results she craves.

Used by countless women in America every single day for respite and reprieve from the worst of menopause, you can trust CellaBeauty and Dr. Dina Anderson to deliver the life-changing results you deserve.

Dr. Dina Anderson
Sugar Free


Keto Friendly


Gluten Free




Made In USA

Made In



Clinically Proven


Made With Love

Made With

3rd Party Tested

3rd Party

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